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  • The main signs of fungus on the skin of the feet. Description of different types of fungus. General principles of treatment of infection. Prevention of leg bending.
    24 December 2023
  • Mycoid infection easily penetrates the body, infecting internal organs and systems. It is important to detect the first signs of foot fungus in time, since the disease is difficult to treat.
    16 December 2023
  • What is fungal nail infection? Classification of antifungal tablets. How to choose medications and how to use them correctly. Review of the most effective anti-fungal remedies.
    7 December 2023
  • Interdigital mycosis (fungus between the fingers): causes and symptoms. Causes of mycosis. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of fungus between the fingers. Tips and recommendations from a podologist.
    29 November 2023
  • Nail fungus varnish is a convenient and effective treatment. Which varnish is the best, how much such products cost and how to use medicinal varnishes correctly.
    20 November 2023
  • How to deal with fungal diseases with varnishes. What to look for when choosing a tool. Preparations with which active substance are the most effective.
    24 May 2022
  • How to recognize the fungus on the legs and how to get rid of it? Effective means of traditional medicine and their application.
    17 May 2022
  • How to effectively cure toenail fungus at home? This will help folk recipes with garlic, iodine, lemon, soda.
    6 May 2022
  • Who to contact with nail fungus: a dermatologist or mycologist. The first signs with which you should go to the doctor. General principles for the treatment of onychomycosis.
    20 April 2022
  • The article discusses how to treat a fungus on the legs between the fingers, what are the features of modern treatment and complete elimination of mycosis of the legs.
    18 April 2022
  • Treatment of nail fungus with folk remedies is relevant and effective. Learn how to get rid of the disease without pharmaceutical preparations - with the help of soda, iodine, propolis, kombucha and other means.
    15 April 2022
  • Signs of a fungus on the legs depend on the type of pathogen of the infectious process and the volume of the affected foot and nail plate, and at various stages have certain differences.
    7 April 2022
  • It is necessary to understand in more detail how to treat a fungus on the legs at home in order to quickly get rid of this problem.
    6 April 2022
  • How does the fungus on the legs manifest? How to treat him? What are the routes of infection? Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease. Pharmacological means. Folk recipes to fight infection.
    3 April 2022
  • It is not always possible to quickly get rid of nail fungus, but you should not delay treatment either, because there are so many proven methods that guarantee that the disease will go away. The article contains effective ways to combat fungal infection.
    3 April 2022
  • Features of the use of drops from toenail fungus, the action and use of drugs, contraindications.
    2 April 2022
  • Causes, symptoms and signs, types of toenail fungus in children and adults. Possible complications and prevention of infection.
    1 April 2022
  • The use of celandine for the treatment of nail fungus. The substances that make up the sap of the plant make it possible to use it to destroy the fungus. Traditional medicine recipes with celandine for fungal infection.
    1 April 2022
  • Rules for using apple cider vinegar to get rid of toenail fungus: recipes with vinegar and their use.
    1 April 2022
  • How the initial stage of toenail fungus manifests itself: characteristic signs and symptoms. Methods of treatment of onychomycosis with medicines and folk remedies. Prevention of infection.
    31 March 2022
  • Rules for the treatment of nail fungus folk remedies: the best and most effective recipes.
    19 March 2022
  • What is foot fungus. Why does it occur. How to treat a fungus with folk remedies. How to treat with medicines. How to treat during pregnancy.
    28 February 2022
  • It is advisable to study how to treat foot fungus at home with folk remedies, because it is easier to get rid of the infection at the initial stage. Learn more about effective recipes.
    26 November 2021
  • Fungal infections of the toes are a very common pathology. Why does it arise and how does it manifest itself? How to cure a fungal infection with traditional and folk remedies? Answers in the article.
    23 August 2021
  • Itching between the fingers is a fairly common ailment among the population. More often than not, this is just a symptom of another disease. It can be anything: from genetic problems to fungal diseases.
    25 June 2021
  • What kind of "fairy tales" do not "experts" tell about onychomycosis, a fungal infection that affects the nails. Let's talk about nail fungus without myths and misconceptions.
    16 June 2021
  • Fungal infections (mycoses) are different. You may notice some changes in the skin or nail plates. It remains to decide whether it is a fungus or not.
    5 June 2021
  • Cracks between the fingers can be the result of skin and nail fungus: causes, clinical picture, treatment.
    26 May 2021
  • There are two types of fungus, the causes of which are quite similar as they are caused by the same virus. Foot fungus, nail fungus: symptoms of the spread of infection, how to prevent the appearance of fungus, treatment.
    23 April 2021
  • Fungus of the nails is an onychomycosis that leads to deformation of the nails. Learn about the causes and remedies for nail fungus, nail treatment.
    18 April 2021
  • You will learn how to cure toenail fungus with folk remedies and medicines by reading the article.
    14 April 2021
  • The best remedy for toenail fungus and how can the infection be treated inexpensively? Local preparations, varnishes and folk remedies for therapy.
    11 April 2021
  • Effective remedies for toenail fungus from the pharmacy and prepared at home. How to use them, what are the contraindications and side effects.
    2 April 2021
  • How does the fungus become infected? How to prevent fungal infection. Folk remedies and pharmaceutical preparations for the fungus. Prevention methods.
    2 April 2021
  • An article on the treatment of toenail fungus, how and how to treat it. A parasitic fungus that has settled on the skin is capable of poisoning the life of anyone. And especially a lot of trouble and grief is caused by the fungus that has settled on the skin of the foot and on the nails.
    1 April 2021
  • Fungal disease can affect various tissues of the body, even internal organs. If the disease has affected the nail, it is called onychomycosis.
    31 March 2021
  • To defeat nail fungus, doctors prescribe various remedies for fungus on the legs. In the pharmacy chain at the moment they are presented in a wide range - tablets, sprays, as well as varnishes and ointments.
    31 March 2021
  • It is important to know how to recognize nail fungus at the initial stage: how to determine the symptoms and the first signs of the disease, as well as the reasons for the appearance, read here.
    31 March 2021
  • Few know what a fungus of the skin on the legs looks like. It is unknowingly that many people mistake a fungal infection for a common irritation or allergic reaction.
    31 March 2021
  • Toenail fungus: causes, symptoms and proper treatment will be advised by a doctor. Drugs for the treatment of nail fungus, alternative methods, patient reviews.
    31 March 2021
  • How to treat toenail fungus at home? What means to use, drugs or traditional medicine recipes?
    31 March 2021