Varnishes for the treatment of toenail fungus

Fighting fungal diseases is not so easy. Many drugs are simply not suitable for the cost or they are inconvenient to use, especially with a long course of treatment. In such cases, nail fungus varnish is very suitable. It is convenient to use and does not strain the patient during long courses.

applying nail polish for nail fungus

Lacquer products are used both independently and are prescribed in a complex. With such medicines, good prevention against mycotic diseases can be carried out.

The principle of action of antifungal varnish

Lacquer preparations against fungal diseases are good because they affect the nails structurally.

The consistency of the drug helps to treat the fungus, penetrating even into small crevices. After the procedure, the product dries quite quickly, forming a dense film that cannot be erased on clothes.

A rich effect on the fungus is one of the advantages of varnish. It penetrates into the very foundations of the nail plate and fights the foci of the disease. Due to the dense coating, oxygen does not enter the plate and helps the medicine to quickly destroy the spores of the fungus, which stops the progression of the disease.

Improvements become noticeable after the first application of the medication, within a couple of days. You will see that the redness on the nails is reduced and the dryness disappears. This means that the disease stopped developing and began to recede. The most important thing is to choose the right drug.

The most effective varnishes against fungus - which one to choose?

To choose the right varnish against the fungus, consult with the appropriate specialist and pass the tests prescribed by him.

Only after the conclusion of the doctor, select the drug. You will definitely be advised by the manufacturer and the duration of the course. However, remember the criteria when choosing a tool yourself:

  • We do not recommend choosing varnishes that have not proven themselves. A well-known manufacturer is always better than an unverified one.
  • If your disease is already advanced and the therapy is going to be long, buy products with the highest content of medicinal components.
  • Provided that the disease develops very quickly, you need to choose a varnish in which the content of the main component is at least 7%.
  • If you are for convenience, buy a medication with accessories - nail files, napkins, spatulas for application. This will make the procedures easier.
  • When choosing varnish from toenail fungus, pay attention to reviews and price. Often you can pick up an inexpensive analogue to replace the branded product.
  • Do not forget about the features of your body. If there are contraindications or a pronounced reaction to some components, consider this.

Lacquer based on Amorolfine

This healing varnish has long been common and is recommended by many patients. This varnish is most effective when the fungus has not yet captured the entire nail plate as a whole. With advanced disease, it is best to use it in combination with other drugs against the fungus.

One of the active ingredients in the composition of the drug is Amorolfine. It copes well with yeast and mold fungal diseases, fights against infectious lesions. Use the medication several times a week, the course usually lasts from six months to a year.

Based on Cyclopirox

The main substance in the preparation is Cyclopirox. The drug is very fast acting. Easily penetrates the nail plate and actively fights various types of fungus. Works as an antibacterial agent.

It can also be used for prevention. The varnish dries in just thirty seconds, but it is washed off with plain water. Therefore, all procedures are recommended to be performed before going to bed, and after that, do not wash the treatment area for up to 6 hours.

During this time, the drug will take the desired concentration and after removal, up to 30% of medicinal substances will remain on the nail plate.

Based on Terbinafine

Lacquer works very well in the early stages of treatment. When the infection captures more than half of the nail plate, the medicine becomes ineffective. Doctors prescribe additional drugs in combination with this varnish, or select a more effective remedy.

However, the varnish contains the substance terbinafine, which, creating a dense coating, does not allow fungal spores to develop and completely eliminates the disease.

It is recommended to use varnish only on your own, without applying decorative varnish to the nail plates, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of treatment.

Based on D-Panthenol

The tool protects and strengthens the nail plate, preventing yeast infections from developing. The composition of the main substance is D-Panthenol, which softens the affected area. The applicator is included in the package.

How to properly treat the fungus and use varnish - our instruction

Varnish effectively helps in the treatment of fungal infections, if you follow simple criteria:

  1. The drug is correctly selected exclusively for your case
  2. Full compliance with the instructions attached to the tool
  3. You have completed the entire course prescribed by a specialist, without interrupting it until complete recovery

Instructions for the use of varnish products:

  • Before using an antifungal agent, be sure to thoroughly wash the surfaces with water and soap, then wipe dry with a towel so that no moisture remains in the treatment areas.
  • If there are no alcohol wipes included with the varnish, soak a cotton swab in alcohol or acetone, and remove fat from the surface of the nails.
  • Be sure to do a manicure afterwards. It is necessary to cut the nails, remove exfoliated surfaces and areas affected by the fungus. Nail files are disposable. One for each nail to prevent the disease from spreading to other surfaces.
  • After applying the varnish, following the attached instructions.

These are generally accepted recommendations for the use of varnishes for the treatment of toenail or fingernail fungus. Each medication has its own list of properties and contraindications, so be sure to consult a specialist before carrying out the procedures.

Complementary Therapy

As you already understood, the use of lacquer products alone in the fight against onychomycosis is not always effective. At some stages of the disease, the drug may not bring improvement at all.

The fungus is very unpleasant: it spoils the appearance of the nails, provokes the appearance of a bad smell and causes discomfort. However, it is dangerous not only externally, but can also affect the internal organism. If you notice signs of mycosis, contact your doctor immediately.

The specialist will decide whether the restoration will cost one lacquer preparation or you need to undergo complex treatment. There are tablets, ointments, creams, solutions and even sprays against onychomycosis. All medications have different effects and many contraindications.

Among them, you can simply get lost, risking choosing something that is not at all suitable for your situation. The opinion of a professional will not be superfluous before going to the pharmacy.

Effective fungus prevention

In order not to become infected with a fungus, it is not always enough to observe hygiene. You can pick up the disease in a bath or pool, in a friend's house, in public places. Toenail and handnail fungus varnish is a good solution for prevention.

The procedure does not take much time and completely protects the nails from such a dangerous microorganism as a fungus. Use the drug before going to public places or immediately after returning home.

You can choose a preventive measure based on our list, or by consulting a pharmacist.

Reviews of the best varnishes from the fungus

First review, female, 34 years old. I was troubled by nail fungus, which I discovered very late. In such cases, the varnish does not always work well. I decided to try a varnish based on Amorolfine from nail fungus. I could not decide for a long time, but I liked the reviews about it. I struggled for a long time, but everything worked out.

Second review, male, 27 years old. I tried to cure nail fungus with iodine solutions, but only ruined the situation. It was decided not to save on health and buy a varnish preparation. I have been using it for a month and a half and the symptoms have disappeared. The doctor recommended not to stop using even a few weeks after recovery.